Mass Building- Static Contraction Tips to Build Muscle Fast!

In order to build muscle you have to increase the natural levels of growth hormone. This is one of the keys to build mass muscle while still burning fat. In order to provide the body with more muscle mass you have to address the body’s natural “hormone factory” if the gains are going to be extreme. Unfortunately, various hormones have to be stimulated differently. So what it comes down to is finding the best exercise technique that will provide quick mass building results.

How to Skyrocket Your Muscles Growth

The best way to do during your next mass building workout is focus on the last set of each exercise. Once you reach those last two repetitions; DON’T TAKE THEM! What you want to do instead is bring the weight to the peak contraction point (flexed position). If you’re doing bicep curls then it’s going to be the “up” position. When you hit this point just hold the weight and flex the targeted muscle hard.

This should be done for about 20 seconds. When you’re finished then slowly let the weight down. If you’re not familiar with this mass building technique it’s called; static contraction. Listen, it’s going to burn like hell, but that is exactly what you want it to do! Why?

The Reason why this Mass Building Trick Works

Those who want to build mass muscle fast and utilize the technique we just mentioned will feel the body’s natural lactic acid response from this exercise. The lactic acid sends a signal to your endocrine system to release growth hormone. The body’s goal is to use it as a recovery aid, but it’s actually a powerful mass building chemical to produce massive muscle gains.
WARNING This mass building trick should only be used on one exercise per body part. It should also only be done for one single week. If you don’t heed our advice you will end up overtraining, which will eventually reverse the benefits. You can always use it again in the future, but just skip a week before starting it after the initial week. In the end you will build muscle faster than you ever imagined.

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A Mass Building Muscle Surprise Many Bodybuilders Do not Know

Serious muscle builders coming from each and every part of the world like to declare that to build mass muscle you have to “Lift heavy or simply go back home!”. However muscle building is caused by a number of different exercising components which includes muscle tissue contraction, anabolic hormones, amino acid supply, calories, recuperation, along with a aspect many muscle builders haven’t actually heard about…

The Mass Building Muscle Surprise Many Bodybuilders Have No Idea Of

The actual mass building element that is all too often overlooked is known as “time under tension”. Time under tension refers to the period of time in your exercise routine that the muscle tissue is in fact applying force resistant to the weight and based on one particular analysis, is actually significantly influenced not just by the degree of weight you’re working out with but really exactly how you are lifting it.

Several young men had been split into groups with one making use of reduced weight loads (50% of their 1 Rep Max) but utilizing a slow-moving weightlifting tempo, expanding the actual period of time it required in order to elevate and bring down the weight. All exercises had been carried out to the stage of muscle fatigue. A different group lifted weightier weights throughout their workout (80% of their 1 Rep Max), yet utilized a quicker reps speed to fatigue. What was the final conclusion of this particular investigation?

Scientific Mass Building Revelation

Once the research was concluded, the two groups encountered substantial muscle mass increases. However the astonishing revelation ended up being that Group 1, utilizing lighter weights along with increased reps as well as reduced speed, experienced the highest level of effect from “time under tension” factor within the actual trained muscles. This led to a greater level of hormone-signaling factors, mostly from the accumulation of lactic acid which brought on a larger discharge of growth hormone (GH) as well as insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1).

Additionally, due to the fact there was clearly a larger constriction in the trained muscles’ blood vessels as well as “pump” through the elevated period under tension, the entire body reacted simply by enhancing the output of nitric oxide as a way to broaden blood pathways and also boost oxygen to the muscle. But also one of nitric oxide’s additional functions is to produce satellite muscle cells, previously set up for contributing to your general muscular mass via correct training.

The Best Way To Apply This Mass Building Technique To Your Exercising…

Will this imply that you need to give up all the other training techniques and change over to reduced weights? Definitely not! Any kind of exercising carried out exactly the same way for very long just produces adaptation by the body as well as results in disheartening “no growth” plateaus.

There is extraordinary worth when it comes to mixing up “heavy” exercising into your muscle building program. You might want to work out one day using lighter weights then a couple of days later using weightier weights in order to mix things up however one of the key elements out of this research demonstrates that while raising lighter weights for mass-building, you need to use a reduced speed, close to a combined 5-7 seconds between concentric and eccentric motions. However, there is an even much better way!
My personal technique concentrates on targeting 2 complimentary actions of a particular group of muscles in order to perform collectively in ramping up tension. For instance, incline flyes accompanied by cable crossovers to focus on various regions of the chest area. Sets are carried out back-to-back in quick succession without any rest before the recommended number of sets has been completed. You might do this for ten sets or even more, based upon your personal capabilities however the important thing here is to go back and forth between simply these a couple of exercises again and again without any rest in any way.

The actual outcome is a considerable time under tension factor which result in substantial discharge of growth hormone as well as IGF-1 hormones along with the greatest pumps in your life. Consequently, this of course induces the output of nitric oxide as well as a rise in muscle mass satellite cells. Try this for every group of muscles for merely one week within your build mass muscle program and you will really feel as well as observe the visible difference immediately.

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Easy Mass Building Workout Technique for Quicker Muscle Gains

In case your objective is to load up on additional muscle mass, plenty of men get way too swept up in what I call “super-isolating” their muscles. I’m referring to workouts such as seated dumbbell curls, seated preacher curls, dumbbell military presses, and so on. These types of seated techniques do assist you to concentrate a lot more on the actual targeted muscle…but that’s not really what you need to accomplish. If you wish to build mass muscle quickly, try out this easy twist to your preferred workouts

Simple Mass Building Exercise Technique Regarding Quicker Muscle Gains

Okay, all set? Anytime you are able to, take your seated exercise and rather than sitting down…stand up! Basic – indeed! Effective – indeed! And here is the reason why…

Whenever you’re standing up, you’re apt to be in a position to make use of MORE WEIGHT as well as push with MORE POWER compared to whenever you’re sitting. This technique enables you to make use of much more general body strength regarding improved performance without the need of taking the strain from the target group of muscles.

Thus for instance, decide on STANDING dumbbell curls for the biceps rather than “seated”… STANDING military presses rather than “seated”… STANDING triceps extensions rather than “seated”. You get the idea, however there’s another advantage of performing all of your workouts whilst standing up.

Make Use of This Mass Building Exercise Tip to Boost Exercise Intensity

The truth is, among the best training intensity strategies would be to tactically utilize “cheat reps” within particular cycles of the mass building program to truly push the limitations of the muscles. This is not something you should do constantly. In the event that you do, you’ll undoubtedly over train and in fact experience a reduction in your muscle mass. However making use of your body’s impetus whilst standing in order to get “one last rep” from your set is a good technique to “up the actual intensity” as well as induce brand new muscles growth.

Caution Many Bodybuilders Have No Idea The Proper Way To Cheat!

Should you utilize cheat repetitions incorrectly or perhaps put it to use in the incorrect cycle of your training program then you’re simply likely to end up discouraged with the insufficient muscle development. That’s the reason why it’s vital that you are aware of the correct stimulation of the muscle fibers a week prior to as well as a week after you make use of this approach to be able to get the maximum results. Should you correctly prime your muscle mass fibers to simply accept this short-term overload, then you’ll experience a substantial development reaction.

Likewise, the way you permit your central nervous system to recuperate from the overload, is equally as crucial. By switching the precedence of your exercising the week before so your main emphasis is actually on your Type 1 slow twitch muscles (utilizing mainly isolation exercises) and then in your cheat repetition week, concentrate on heavy compound workouts for Type 2 fast twitch muscles, you’ll acquire the perfect stimulation while not overtraining. Attempt this simple muscle building cycle and workout technique within your build mass muscle program and you will be amazed at your new muscle mass development.

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Mass Building- How to Cycle it through Bodybuilding Workouts

There are several mistakes bodybuilders go through when structuring a mass building routine. One of the biggest is providing conflicting results hormonally. In order to stimulate muscle growth you have to either train hard or train for longer periods of time. If you try to do both it is a waste of time according to several debates.

Is Your Mass Building routine Costing you Muscle Growth?

When you have a strenuous workout it’s important to consider your anabolic threshold. The harder your workout is the less work you will do before reversing the overall momentum. A great example of this is when your anabolic testosterone plummets after a one hour exercise regimen. If you’re utilizing some Mr. Olympia two-hour mass building routine it means you’re going to lose muscle when the body robs the muscle tissue for fuel.

While this is true, growth hormone does allow you to increase your training sessions. This is due to the increased acidity that occurs in the muscle tissue. In turn it triggers lactic acid, which is a primer for your body’s growth hormone that is produced. Since this is a tricky scenario you have to figure out which one is more important. When it comes to maximizing your muscle growth they are both important.

Tips to Increasing Testosterone and Growth Hormone

If you want to build muscle fast then it’s important to understand the anabolic equation. It all revolves around combining intensity and lactic acid, but in alternating workout cycles.

One of the best ways to do this is by focusing on different areas each week. The first week you can focus on “power moves,” which increases the testosterone levels. This means strength training that requires heavy lifting with shorter reps. The following week you focus on “time under tension” or higher rep counts with less weight.

When you take advantage of this routine you will trigger a pronounced growth hormone response. This allows you to continue to build muscle mass. All you have to do is alternate your natural hormone enhancement methods and it will be easy to master your anabolic threshold. Soon you will see positive results from your mass building routine and bodybuilding workouts.

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Best Chest Workout to Work Every Muscle Fiber in Your Chest

The best way to work every muscle fiber in your chest is to concentrate on strengthening them throughout your workout. Your chest muscles are comprised of separate zones that work together while you train your chest- upper, middle, lower, outer, and inner muscle groups that all work toether as a team when you bench press. Sadly… some areas work less hard than others near the last few reps of your bench press set. What can you do to get all your muscle groups to work together so that you can maximize your bench press training?

The Best Bench Press Training Techniques

One myth in bodybuilding states that changing the angle of the bench you’re using is the best way to train different areas of your chest muscles. These myths state that if you simply raise the bench you’re using to an incline: you target your chest muscles. They say that if you use a decline bench press exercise you’re more effectively targeting your lower chest muscles. If you’re looking for basic chest development, these chest exercises work well… However there’s a better way to work your chest that will help you soar quickly to a new flat bench press record.

Bench Press Workout “Grip Width” Training Strategy

Here’s a unique bench press training strategy that will help you fully develop your chest muscles for a new personal record. Instead of changing the angle at which you work your chest, change the width at which you hold on to the bar. You see, depending upon how close your hands are together on the barbell, you target different areas of your chest.

The closer your hands, the more you work the inner and upper pecs. In addition, this also trains your triceps more, the arm muscles that are mostly used during the bench press. The wider your hands are, the more overall chest stimulation you get as you take a lot of the triceps out of the power equation. Here’s how you can use this knowledge to greatly increase the amount of weight you bench press.

How To Use This Bench Press Training Technique

Start with the flat bench and do one set of the barbell bench press with a close grip – hands about 12 inches apart – until you reach failure at about six reps. Then rest for a full two minutes and do another set of 6 reps to failure with a normal shoulder-width grip. When you’re done, rest another two minutes and then grab the bar with a wider grip, about 6-8 inches wider than your shoulders, and go for another six repetitions. Be sure to adjust the weight you use accordingly on each set to hit your target reps.

Now mix things up by focusing hard-core on specific areas of your chest training. On the incline bench do three more sets of six reps, also utilizing the close, normal, and wide barbell grips. After you’ve done the same with the incline bench, move to the decline and mimic the same three sets to conclude this best new bench press routine to maximize your overall chest muscles and strength gains.

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Tips For Fast Weight Gain Using Carbohydrates

If you are aiming to gain weight fast then it is obviously essential to make sure that you are consuming the correct diet. Of all the nutrients you consume, one of the most misunderstood is the role that carbohydrates play in weight gain. This is largely due to carbs becoming demonized by the weight loss industry, however for the skinny person trying to gain weight, carbs can actually be your best friend and help you to pack on more muscle mass…if you consume the right types at the right times.

For the average person, carbohydrates help to prevent muscle from becoming broken down and robbed of its energy resources. This is actually an even bigger concern for those that have a skinny ectomorph body style. There is a lot of hard work that goes into gaining weight therefore the last thing that you want to do is to see the muscle mass that you have built being drastically affected due to an inappropriate level of carbohydrates.

The very important thing with regards to fast weight gain is to understand what carbohydrates you should be eating and also the best time of day to consume those carbohydrates. There are basically two types of carbohydrates. The first are low glycemic carbohydrates, commonly referred to complex carbs. These types of carbohydrates will take a long time to break down in the body and examples of these are found in wholegrain breads, sweet potatoes, brown rice and also oatmeal. Because they digest slower, these carbohydrates actually provide sustained energy throughout the day.

However there are other types of carbohydrates that are often seen as harmful, but these can actually be very useful for people that are looking to gain weight fast. These carbohydrates are commonly referred to as simple, or high glycemic carbs, and are found in foods such as white potatoes, white breads, white sugar and also white rice. These carbohydrates tend to break down rather quickly within the body and they tend to cause a rapid release of sugar into the blood. This rapid release of sugar into the blood then triggers a rise in the level of the hormone known as insulin. This has a dramatic effect on weight gain.

Insulin usually causes you to gain weight. However, this tends to be in the form of fat and this is especially the case if you are eating high sugar carbs at the wrong time of day. It is very important to consume the carbohydrates at the correct time of day, as this will prevent you from gaining the wrong type of weight and help you gain lean muscle tissue. If you are one of the typical thin people that’s working hard to gain weight there are three common tips that should be referred to with regards to carbohydrates within the mass building diet.

Carb Tip #1 To Gain Weight Fast: “Simple” Carbs After Your Workouts.

The first tip to consider is to consume high glycemic meals straight after a workout. When you are training intensely you tend to use up stored sugar in your muscles and therefore if you want to gain weight fast you will have to restore it fairly quickly. If the sugar is not replaced quickly, muscle tissue will be used for fuel rather than seeing it built up as a result of your training.

Carb Tip #2 To Gain Weight Fast: Have another high glycemic carb meal one hour after your workouts.

The second tip that should be taken into consideration is to take in more foods with a high glycemic content about an hour after a vigorous workout. This is a very useful tip especially for people known as hardgainers. Hargainers can afford to have a high blood sugar level, as this will help them to gain weight faster.

Carb Tip #3 To Gain Weight Fast: Don’t ignore carbs during your workout.

Another great tip to consider when gaining weight fast is to consume a drink that has a high sugar level during your workout. Because your workouts will drain your muscles of stored sugar for fuel, carb intake during your workout will block this muscle-wasting process and jumpstart recovery. This will help you to build more lean muscle and accomplish your goal of fast weight gain.

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How To Gain Weight Fast By Ignoring This Diet Myth

A lot of hardgainers share a common fear: They’re afraid to eat a lot of fat, because they want to gain weight as muscle without becoming fat. They might think, in fact, that a low-fat diet is the right approach to gain weight… but they’re one hundred percent wrong. Here’s why…

One of the reasons is that you will need to create a surplus amount of calories in order to gain weight and build lean muscle mass. When it comes to gaining this surplus, not all food is created equal in the number of calories they contain. Carbohydrates and protein consists of four calories per gram while the fat consists of nine calories per gram – more than double the other nutrients.

In addition, dietary fat is useful for your goal to build muscle. Your body’s cell structure, including your muscle cells, are actually made of the fat you consume. Healthier cell structure means better quality muscle and faster, easier weight gain.

Also, dietary fat is necessary to produce muscle-building hormones like testosterone. That means that if you’re skimping on dietary fat, you’re actually shortchanging your ability to maximize your anabolic hormone production and build more lean muscle mass while gaining weight. But the key to gaining weight in the form of muscle is not just to take in enough fat – but you have to take in the right kind of fat too. Follow these simple tips for using your dietary fat intake to build quality muscle and gain weight fast:

Weight Gain Diet Tip #1: Stay away from trans fats.

Trans fats are unhealthy fats found in margarine and most commercial baked goods. A lot of sweets, pastries, and fried foods contain these and they’re hidden in some foods you may mistake as healthy, such as low-quality peanut butter that contains hydrogenated oils. These fats will actually sabotage your muscle-building goal and force you to gain the wrong kind of weight: body fat! Read food labels and avoid any product that contains harmful trans fats.

Weight Gain Diet Tip #2: Consume saturated fats in moderation.

The second weight gain tip that should be considered is to consume saturated fat within moderation. Some of the misinformed experts will tell you that you should completely avoid saturated fats. When you are looking to gain weight as muscle then the saturated fats such as those you find in dairy products and meat are actually very useful as they can help to boost the level of anabolic hormones. The key is to only consume them in moderation so they are not more than 10% of your total fat intake.

Weight Gain Diet Tip #3: Eat “functional” fats.

Functional fats, such as monounstaturated fats and omega 3 fatty acids, are found in olive oil, canola oil, avocados, salmon, and nuts. These are the healthiest forms of fats that can really help naturally boost anabolic hormones to gain weight and build muscle. And because your body has a use for them, these fats are actually very difficult to be stored in the body as fat despite their high calorie content.

Weight Gain Diet Tip #4: Make protein drinks that incorporate healthy fats.

Another very useful weight gain tip is to make protein drinks that are able to incorporate the healthy fats. When you make protein drinks try to incorporate things such as canola oil or all natural peanut butter as ingredients. Another good way of getting these fats is to eat baked tortillas with some guacamole. Whole grain bagels with smoked salmon are another great option.

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Guidelines For Your Weight Gain Meal Plan

Many people who think they are “too skinny” follow a weight gain meal plan strategy of eating everything they see. For some reason, however, gaining weight is still a struggle for these people. They have an ectomorph body type and a faster metabolism, and this keeps them skinny by nature and frustrated about their goal of building muscle. These frustrated “hardgainers” can, however, see the weight gain results they want by doing essentially the opposite of what overweight people do when they try to lose weight.

Weight Gain Tips – Weight Gain Meal Plan Guidelines

Take the dieter who tries to follow a low-calorie meal plan as an example. A weight gain meal plan should do the opposite and focus on high-calorie foods that are able to provide a calorie surplus without requiring you to eat a truckload of food. “Counting calories” might not be the easiest or most efficient way to gain weight, but it’s obvious that eating high-calorie foods will increase the total number of calories consumed. This will push an ectomorph into the surplus calorie zone required to build muscle mass.

In addition, the main goal of dieters is burning off fat, but frustrated skinny people who want to gain weight can actually be helped by adding some extra body fat. A weight gain meal plan that includes a few extra calories is better than a plan that does not include enough. It will help you develop more lean muscle by attaining what is called an “anabolic threshold.” The important thing is to develop a weight gain meal plan that concentrates on the proper types of foods at the proper times. Get ready to gain weight and build muscle when you follow these three weight gain meal plan guidelines:

Guideline #1: Include six to eight smaller meals in your weight gain meal plan.

By dividing your meal plan into more frequent but smaller meals, you will be able to consume more daily calories. Your body will receive a steady flow of the muscle-building nutrients that help you gain weight instead of being victimized by your fast metabolism between meals. Make sure you include higher-calorie foods in your meal plan.

Guideline #2: Your weight gain meal plan should schedule those smaller meals around your workout.

The easiest way to develop a weight gain meal plan is to plan your meals around your workout. For instance, you could divide the day into breakfast, a mid-morning snack, lunch, a mid-afternoon snack, a shake before your workout, a shake after your workout, dinner, and then a snack just before bedtime. Then adjust the schedule around the time of day when you work out.

Guideline #3: “Front load” the calories in your weight gain meal plan.

Although a little body fat is ok, you don’t want your weight gain meal plan to cause you to gain too much. You can reduce the chance of gaining too much fat despite a calorie surplus. Simply eat your high calorie meals early in the day. As the day goes on, consume fewer calories in the later meals of your weight gain meal plan. Meals eaten earlier in the day will feed your fast metabolism, and when your metabolism slows down at night, your body will not receive as many calories at a time when they’re more likely to be stored as fat.

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Why Your Mass Building Routine May Be Costing Your Muscle Growth

One of the biggest mistakes revolving around a mass building workout revolves around conflicting results. This pertains to your hormonal levels and the ability to properly stimulate muscle growth without losing it in the process. There are two ways to see positive results; training hard or training for longer periods of time. There has been countless debates as to whether or not using both in your bodybuilding regimen is effective.

Is Your Mass Building routine Costing you Muscle Growth?

Muscle growth is obviously your main concern. In order to understand the best route you have to have more knowledge about your anabolic threshold. When you workout hard it means there is less “work” that is needed before seeing reverse momentum. Those who exercise for an hour will see their anabolic testosterone plummet. If you decide to use some steroid-juice bodybuilding regimen it will be easy to lose muscle. This is because the body will need to rob itself of muscle tissue for fuel.

Keep in mind; growth hormone can and will help you increase the length of your training sessions. It all has to do with your muscle tissue experiencing increased acidity. Eventually this triggers the lactic acid, which is the primer for growth hormone being produced in the body. Obviously this is an interesting scenario, which makes it difficult to figure out mass building route you’re going to take. In the end, both are equally important when you want to maximize your muscle growth.

Tips to Increasing Testosterone and Growth Hormone

The best thing you can do is learn about the anabolic equation. The goal is to combine intensity and lactic acid with your bodybuilding workouts. This can be done by alternating your workout cycles.

Take the time to focus on different areas during your mass building routine. The initial week should consist of “power moves,” which means heavy lifting and shorter reps (4 to 6 max). It gives you the opportunity to increase your testosterone levels for the second week. The following week should consist of “time under tension” workouts. These are built around higher rep counts.

Soon you will see a pronounced growth hormone response thanks to this mass building routine. The end result is continued muscle mass as opposed to reversing the effects. Simply alternate your natural hormone enhancement methods during your bodybuilding campaign. Eventually you will master your anabolic threshold and see unbelievable results from your workouts.

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Bodybuilding Supplement Mistakes that Kill Mass Building Results

Using bodybuilding supplements properly seems to be a big mystery for many people that are working toward a mass building goal, even for those bodybuilders that are very experienced. With all the hype that surrounds bodybuilding supplements, its very easy to become confused about which ones actually work, which supplements to buy, and what products are scams. Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of using supplementation is that many trainers don’t understand how to time the intake of supplements in order to get the best mass building results.

Timing Bodybuilding Supplements to Maximize Mass Building

The fact is that the timing of when you take your supplements is just about as important as what supplements you take. You are going to waste your money and get very frustrated with your lack of results if you’re not taking the right supplements at the right time. There are four common mistakes that bodybuilders make in regards to designing a supplement program for mass building and when to take these supplements.

1. Improper Food Pairing With Supplements

It’s a little known fact that some supplements are better absorbed by the body when they’re taken on an empty stomach and there’s nothing else there for them to compete with for absorption into the body. However, other sports supplements require food or other nutrients, or even other supplements, in order to best be absorbed by the body. To maximize absorption, you need to understand which supplements you should be taking with meals and which supplements you should be taking without meals.

2. Failure To Time Supplements With Workouts

When you go into the gym, your body has different needs during your workout than it does after your workout. Before your workout, you may benefit from certain pre-workout supplements that will help you to train hard and keep your energy and intensity levels up. And then after your workout, the right supplements can also help you provide your body with the right recovery materials that it needs in order to rebound and make you stronger and leaner and more muscular.

3. Should You Divide Your Supplement Doses?

Some supplements can be taken all at once. For example, event oriented supplements should be taken right before you workout. Others are a small enough dosage that they can all be taken at one time. However, some supplements require larger dosages and might need to be split up so they will be properly absorbed by the body. Some are best absorbed using a slow feed approach throughout the day.

4. Nighttime Bodybuilding Supplement Mistake

While you may train really hard at the gym, its during your sleep that your body recovers, rebuilds, and repays you for your hard work with lean muscle. As you sleep, you have a higher output of anabolic hormones compared to the rest of the day. This includes testosterone and growth hormone, both of which are needed for mass building muscle and burning off unwanted fat.

The supplements you take at night, before you go to sleep, can make a big difference in how quickly you see results from your training program. Some supplements will naturally enhance the secretion of anabolic hormones when you sleep and others will support muscle maintenance and recovery. When you support both of these processes during your body’s optimum recovery zone, you will wake up with a better body than you went to sleep with. For mass building, when you take your bodybuilding supplements is very important.

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